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Get an entire virtual marketing department promoting your company, on demand! Strategy, analysis, optimization and more.

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Create awareness, buzz and excitement surrounding your brand with a comprehensive social media program. Strategically executed.

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Every Great Player Needs a Great Coach. Expert Insight. Clear Direction. Proven Systems. Effectively grow your business.

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With over 27 years of experience, there isn’t much we haven’t seen. Here are the top 10 issues new clients have.

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Recent Posts

Personal Branding 101 – Thirty Nine Essential Strategies

I recently presented a keynote on personal branding at a student conference in the Canadian Rockies. The audience was an impressive group of young people destined to become the next generation of business leaders. The article below is a summary of personal branding strategies that have worked incredibly well for me and will do the […]

The Real Reason Companies Fail

… and what CEOs can do about it. by Kurian Mathew Tharakan I was reading an article in Entrepreneur magazine titled, “Five Reasons Companies Fail,” which highlights the following list of CEO mistakes that can spell disaster for a firm. Poor Market Research, Marketing and Sales Inadequate Financial Management Blindsided by Externalities Poor Leadership and Management […]

The 4 Crucial Characteristics of a Leader

by Kurian Mathew Tharakan Leadership. Some people occupy the role, some aspire to it, others have it thrust on them. Regardless of whether your role as a leader was given, earned, or compelled, your ability to fulfill leadership’s demands, earn the trust of your people, and effectively command may remain elusive. While many people struggle with […]

The Greatest Persuasion Technique I’ve Ever Seen

(… or how to 28X–120X your results with one crucial step.) by Kurian Mathew Tharakan … most of us haven’t been taught a fundamental truth about the persuasion process … As a leader, you are in the business of selling your ideas to your people, clients, and stakeholders. But your ideas can’t sell themselves because they […]

How a Football Phone Rescued Sports Illustrated’s Plummeting Sales

When sales of the popular magazine began to slip, one little football phone came to the rescue that would see subscriptions soar. by Kurian M. Tharakan A recent article in Rolling Stone revealed the awesome power that novel marketing can have to spur sales, even for well-established companies like Time Inc. … an exploding spectator sports […]

How to Get Yelled at By a Rotarian

(… aren’t all Rotarians supposed to be nice?) by Kurian M. Tharakan The last two months have been busy for speaking gigs. I’ve done four full workshops, two keynotes, and two presentations to local Rotary Clubs. Over the years, I’ve spoken to several Rotary Clubs in the region. I like Rotarians. They are community-minded, values-driven, and […]